Frequently Asked Questions

Are you experiencing troubles or do you have questions about The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle? Take a look through these frequently asked questions and maybe we can help you out.

Receiving Your eBooks and eCourses

How and when do I receive my eBooks?
You should receive an email giving you access to the eBook bundle within 30 minutes of completing the purchase.  This automatic email contains a login to the Access web page where you will go to download the bundle. This email goes directly to whichever email account you submitted during the checkout process.
What do I do if I haven't received the email?
Sometimes these emails wind up in spam/junk folders, instead of in your inbox. Before you worry that you didn’t get the email, make sure you take a good look at your spam folder first. It’s a pain, but it happens.

For those using Gmail, make sure you check your Promotions folder/tab if you still haven’t seen your email. For some reason, they seem to end up in there from sometimes.

After 30 minutes, if you haven’t received an email with access information for the bundle, and it’s not in your spam, please contact us at and we’ll make sure that you get it.

Where do I find my eCourses, audio files, printable packs, etc.?
These are all included in their appropriate categories on the download Access page, under the tab “Download PDF eBooks & other files (eCourses, etc.)” and each one is clearly marked. For example, the Life Your Way Printable Pack is listed under the Homemaking category, and says “PRINTABLE – Life Your Way Printable Download Pack”.

Downloading, Devices (eReaders, iPads, phones, etc.) and Other Technical Issues

How do I download the ebooks to my computer?

In the email that you receive, there will be a link which takes you to our Access page. Using the username and password given you to in the email, you will log in to a page where you can download all of the eBook bundle files. Each book is listed by category, book title and author, so it’s a snap to find the ones that you’re looking for.

For those who want to download everything in one fell swoop and have a computer that can handle it, we’ve given you the option of downloading a single (large) .zip file. You’ll simply download this one .zip file onto your computer, then you can open it up once it’s downloaded and you’ll find all of the books, organized neatly into folders by category.

The following video tutorial will walk you through the steps of downloading your bundle to a PC.

The following video tutorial will walk you through the steps of downloading your bundle to a Mac.

Note that if you have an older or slower computer, or a slow internet connection, you may only want to start downloading one or two book files at a time.

Can I download them on my iPad, iPhone or any other eReader devices?

Yes, but there is a step you need to take first. Due to the size of these files (at least, the large .zip files), they can only be downloaded onto a regular desktop or laptop computer.

If you try to download directly onto any type of smaller device, the files will not download properly (unless perhaps you’re downloading a single book at a time).

So first, open up your purchase email and download all files onto your regular computer. Once this is done, then you can proceed to transfer them to your devices.

Can I put these eBooks on my Kindle?

Yes! In fact, for the first time ever, we are offering an upgraded package that includes not only the PDF files, but also a set of Kindle-compatible files for all non-printable eBooks (ie. pages you wouldn’t read on a Kindle, but would want to print off of your computer).

The majority of Kindle files come in a .mobi format, the primary format for Kindle. A few come in .azw and .prc, both of which are also Kindle-compatible.

We have also included .epub files whenever available for that particular book. These are more of a general eReader file, not compatible with the Amazon Kindle, but could be used on iPad, Kobo, Nook, etc.

The following video tutorial gives basic instructions for how to transfer the books onto your Kindle.

Kindle Devices and Kindle for iPad, Kindle for iPhone, Kindle for iPod Touch

Amazon offers several options for transferring PDF files from your computer to your Kindle. These include:

From your browser: You can send the files directly to your Kindle using a special extension for Google Chrome or an extension for Mozilla Firefox. If you’re using Microsoft Internet Explorer or any other browsers, you will need to use one of the other methods.

From your computer: You can also send the files to your Kindle once you’ve downloaded them on to your computer from Infusion Soft. Amazon offers a special program for Windows and an app for Mac that will allow you to choose which files you’d like to send to your Kindle.

By email: You can also email the files to your Kindle. You can find detailed instructions on how to do this here.

Other methods: Amazon also offers options for transferring files to your Kindle for website owners, and those who have Android devices. You can find those directions here.

One further option for Kindle is to save all of your ebook files to an Amazon Cloud. Once these books are saved, they will show up on your Kindle under “Docs”. This way you don’t have to use up space on your computer or Kindle, but rather it’s all saved on the Cloud.


To add PDFs to your iTunes library on your computer which will sync with your iPad, simply drag and drop the PDF into your iTunes Book library. The easiest way to read PDFs on your iPad or iPhone is with iBooks. If your device did not come with this app pre-installed, you can download it for free here. Once you have that installed, you can find instructions detailing how to to view your PDFs here.

The following video tutorial walks you through how to access your eBooks on an iPad.

Can I put these eBooks on my Nook/Kobo/eReader?


You can connect your NOOK to a computer (using the NOOK microUSB cable) to transfer PDF files. Your NOOK will appear on your computer in Explorer or Finder as a removable drive. Just click on the file on your computer and copy it (drag-and-drop) to the appropriate NOOK folder. You can find more information about how to do this on your specific NOOK device here.

Sony eReader and Kobo
To transfer files from your computer to your Sony eReader or Kobo, you will need to install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer. You can find a download link as well as an instructional booklet that includes information about how to transfer the files to your device here.

What are .zip files and how do I open them?

We’ve created a .zip file to store all of the eBooks in one downloadable package, because it compresses files and there are just SO many files included in this bundle. This helps to make it a lot easier and faster to transfer and download the books.

For both Windows and Mac users, take a look at this very helpful WikiHow tutorial, which will show you exactly how to open .zip files, without a fancy program. As long as your computer is relatively new, you should be able to open the files up without the help of any extra software.

If you have an older computer without this capability, this tutorial gives some ideas of other unzipping software that you can download for free. One way to open .zip files is with a program called WinZip. You can download a trial version here for free.

How large are the .zip files?

The PDF .zip file (with ALL of the ebooks included) is 597 MB.

The Kindle .zip file is 492 MB. Keep in mind that this file is missing a few of the printable resources, which you’ll find under the Download PDF eBooks tab.

How can I back up my books? (very important!)

Your new homemaking eBook library is a valuable purchase, and you’ll want to make sure that nothing happens to it. The very best way to ensure this is by backing up your eBook files, so that you still have access to them in case anything were to happen to your computer or hard drive.

*Remember- the download links that you receive will only work until August 1st, 2014, at which point the eBooks will no longer be available for download or replacement, so PLEASE download your books promptly and back them up right away!

These links give some helpful tutorials and suggestions on various methods for backing up your files. Personally, we use and recommend Dropbox (this is our referral link).

The following video tutorial gives instructions for how to store your eBook files on Dropbox.

The following video tutorial will give instructions for how to store your eBook files on Amazon Cloud.

How long will my download links work for?

The links in your purchase email will work for just over 3 months (until August 1st, 2014), which gives you plenty of time to make sure that you get all of your files downloaded and stored properly on your computer.

We strongly encourage you to download them immediately, regardless of the deadline. It’s easy to forget about this sort of thing, and I wouldn’t want you to be disappointed to realize that your links no longer work!

You must be sure to download all files before August 1st, 2014! (This is very important!)

Bonus Offers

How do I access the bonus offers?

All of these details will be included in the email that you receive after you purchase your bundle. When you login to the page where you will download all of your eBooks, you will also find a section called Redeem Bonus Offers with specific instructions on how to redeem each of the bonus offers.

Most of them involve visiting the website of the specific company, and then accessing your bonus offer either through a special link we’ll give you, or with a coupon code that we’ll provide to you on that download page.

How long will the bonus offers be available?

All bonus offers will be available for one month, through until midnight on May 28th, 2014. There will be no extensions on the bonus offers.

These companies have offered what amounts to a significant amount of their inventory, and so for their sake (because we’re really grateful for our amazing bonus partners!), there needs to be a finite deadline, so that they can be adequately prepared to be able to follow through on honoring the bonuses that they’ve offered.

Do I need to pay shipping?

All of the bonus companies have agreed to honor their regular shipping policies, which means that if they usually have free shipping at $25 or more or a flat shipping rate of $4 (for example), they’ll allow you to get whatever that usual shipping rate is. In other words, a lot of online “special offers” will bump up the shipping in order to compensate for whatever it is they’re giving you for “free”. Our companies are not doing that.

There are also several items that are digital items (Once a Month Meals, Fit2b, ListPlanIt, etc.) and for these bonuses, there are, of course, no shipping costs.

What if a company is out of stock or can't honor the bonus offer?

Although we carefully check out each company making a bonus offer and make it clear to them how many redemptions that we expect to receive through this sale, occasionally things happen and a company may possibly run out of stock and be unable to fulfill an offer. We’ve never had it happen yet, but we’re mentioning it because we know that it is a slight possibility.

It’s important to remember that these bonuses are simply that… a bonus. They are not the product that you are buying. What you are purchasing is the eBook and eCourse bundle, and the bonuses are offered to sweeten the pot and introduce you to some fantastic new companies and products.

The organizers of this bundle are not responsible for any individual company’s ability to follow through on the redemption of bonus offers, and each offer is subject to product availability on a first come, first serve basis.

Sharing Books or Bonus Offers

Can I share the eBooks with my family or friends?

Each of the eBooks in The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is copyrighted by the original author. Your purchase does not entitle you to share the files or upload them anywhere online where others can access them.

Sharing eBooks is theft and steals from the authors who work so hard to create these wonderful resources, so please make sure that you are respecting their copyrights (and you can always point others in the direction of their websites- share the love!).

Though sharing is not allowed, you can give an ebook to someone else if you decide you don’t want to keep it or have read it already and won’t use it again. You can do this by sending the book to the receiving person and then deleting it from your computer and any other electronic devices you own so that they have the only copy.

Can I buy a bundle to give as a gift?

If you’d like to purchase and give an eBook bundle to someone, that is perfectly fine! When you order a bundle, you may send the download email that you receive on to the person whom you wish to “gift” with the bundle, and then delete it from your own account. If you don’t mind waiting a few days for them to get their bundle, you could buy the bundle and then email our customer service team and ask them to make the gift transfer in the backend, so that a nicer gift email is sent. Either way is fine with us.

Or, when you purchase your own bundle, you can choose to add on 2 extra bundles for the price as 1 — a great price for a thoughtful gift! This option allows you to input the recipient’s names and email addresses and a brief message to them.

Can I share these bonus offers with my family or friends?

Unfortunately, no. You’re welcome to tell anyone about the bundle or these fantastic new companies you’ve discovered, but these offers are made available solely to those who have bought their OWN eBook bundle, and are not able to be used multiple times.

That said, you are welcome to redeem your bonus offers, and then give them away to someone else as a gift. The point is that you may not share the redemption codes or information with anyone.

When you go to redeem your bonus offers, it is likely that companies will require a unique transaction code from you, as proof that you have purchased a copy of the eBook bundle. You can find this in the email you received from us that contains your bundle download instructions.  Please be prepared to present them with this information so that they can verify your purchase and honor the bonus offer.

Replacing Lost Files

What if I lose my eBook files down the road?

Please remember to back up your files (on another computer, on a backup hard drive, on a web-hosted “cloud storage site” – See “How do I backup my books?”).  Ultimate Bundles and the eBook authors cannot send you copies of eBooks that have been deleted or lost.  Remember, though, that you can always log in and re-download any eBooks until the links expire on August 1st, 2014.

Our Risk-Free 15-Day Guarantee

Can I get a refund?

If you are not 100% happy with your eBook bundle, we offer a 15-day return policy. Simply email us at customerservice (at) and we’ll refund you within 2 business days.

Business Details

Where are you located?

We are a proudly Canadian company.  Our office is located at:  18380 68th Ave, Surrey, B.C. Canada, V3S 9H5 .
How can we reach you?

The fastest way to reach us is to send an email to our customer service department at CustomerService (at) Ultimate-Bundles (dot) com.
In what currency will I be charged?

All prices are in US dollars.  As such, when you purchase the bundle you will be charged in US dollars.

As our business is located in Canada, there may be a very small international fee charged by some banks, on some transactions (usually no more than $1, but it is up to each individual bank to determine the fee if applicable, and Ultimate Bundles is not responsible for these fees). We have run four of these bundles, but we have only heard of these fees from a very small percentage of customers per bundle, so this is a rare situation.

Did we miss anything? If you have a question that we haven’t answered, send us an email.