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Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2015

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2015 (over 90 resources totaling more than $2,000) contains a ton of information on healthy living from some seriously smart people.

Our team has spent months crafting this package of eBooks and eCourses to give you what you need to make your health a priority, whether you're just starting out or have been at it for a while. Head here to learn more.

Our Past Bundles

Ultimate Digital Photography Bundle 2015

Whether you're just dipping your toes into the world of photography, hoping to capture those special moments with your kids, or you're already pretty good with a camera but looking to improve or make some money from your hobby, this bundle is for you. With three different options depending on your skill level and aspirations, you'll find resources from dozens of professional photographers to help you improve your skills, find inspiration, and take your photography to the next level.

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2015

A library of carefully curated books from top authors Ruth Soukup, Katie from Wellness Mama, Crystal Paine, Tsh Oxenrider, Erin Chase, Erin Odom, Stephanie Langford, and over 60 others. For only 7 days, get over $1,000 worth of incredible eBooks and eCourses, specifically geared for homemakers, for only $29.97!

Ultimate DIY Bundle 2015

Maybe you've just recently moved into your first real home. Or maybe you've been living in the same place for a while but need to refresh your surroundings. Or maybe, you're just really creative and are constantly changing things up in your home. Or perhaps you feel “design-challenged” or just need some design inspiration. Whatever inspires and motivates you, one thing is for sure…the Internet has put an incredible depth of resources at your fingertips.

We partnered with some of the most popular home decor authors and bloggers on the web to bring you their best ideas on getting the most out of your home.

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2014

Are you living your life at optimal health? Are you full of energy, with a clear mind, and your ideal weight? Do you sleep soundly every night, and maintain your optimal weight? When you eat, do you usually feel strengthened and ready to face the challenges of the day? If you said “no” to any of these questions, this bundle is for you. It’s jam-packed full of the tools you need to take control of your own health, and the health of your family.

To help you do that, we’ve handpicked the best eBooks available from top authors on the topics you care about most, and packaged them together at one incredibly low price. Each bundle also comes with over $150 of tangible bonuses to help equip you to live your life to the fullest.

Each year, we offer a new and unique collection for just 6 days. Over the past 2 years, 33,074 people like you have equipped themselves with an Ultimate Healthy Living eBook Collection. If you, too, are ready to get equipped and take control of your own health, we invite you to join them in 2015.

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2014

A library of carefully curated books from top authors Sarah Mae, Darlene Schacht, Sally Clarkson, Crystal Paine, Tsh Oxenrider, and over 70 others. Over a 6-day period in the spring, 11,568 homemakers equipped themselves with a deep library of eBooks on homemaking, cooking, decorating, parenting and more. They also received over $200 of incredible free bonuses from DaySpring, Dizolve, Hope Ink, Once a Month Meals, and 6 other great companies.

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2013

Available for only 10 days in 2013, over 7,623 people like you took action and equipped themselves to learn about healthy living with this deep collection of eBooks and eCourses. They were equipped and inspired to make meaningful changes to their health and the health of their families.

Packed with top healthy living authors Katie Kimball, Hilary Kimes Bernstein, Stephanie Langford, Erin Odom, Matt and Betsy Jabs, and over 50 others, readers gained access to each author's best writing on gardening, cooking for allergies, fitness, real food, essential oils, and much more.

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Past Authors You’ll Like

Tsh Oxenreider
Tsh Oxenreider | The Art of Simple
Tsh is the founder of The Art of Simple, lover of simplicity, travel, and intentional living. Her new book, Notes from a Blue Bike explores intentional living in a chaotic world. She can also be found blogging regularly at TheArtOfSimple.Net
Crystal Paine
Crystal Paine | Money Saving Mom®
Crystal is a New York Times bestselling author, speaker, business consultant, and founder of, one of the top personal finance blogs on the web averaging over 1.5 million unique visitors per month. Her newest book, Say Goodbye to Survival Mode, is packed with practical ideas and big-picture perspective that will inspire you to live on purpose.
Melissa Joulwan
Melissa Joulwan | Well Fed
Melissa is the smart and spunky author of the must-have cookbook Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat and its sequel Well Fed 2. When she’s not doing crossfit or making amazing food, you can find her writing at The Clothes Makes the Girl.
Toni Hammersly
Toni Hammersly | A Bowl Full of Lemons
Toni is founder of the popular organization site, A Bowl Full of Lemons, where she and her writers equip others with creative ideas for organization, cleaning, budgeting, and more.
Patrick and Ruth Schwenk
Ruth Schwenk | The Better Mom
Ruth is a pastor's wife, a homeschooling mom, a public speaker, the founder of The Better Mom, and the author/editor of From Grouchy to Great. When she’s not encoring moms on her site, you can find her spending time with her family, drinking mochas and laughing with friends.

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"Just wanted to offer up my extreme gratitude to you as well as all the amazing contributors of this bundle. I feel so blessed to be able to benefit from all of this knowledge/wisdom/experience. I'm LOVING the bundle already!"
Happy Customer—Gayla Westbrook
"It's an amazing bundle! It has helped me so much already! Can't wait to see how myself and family change! Thank you for offering this. It really was an answered prayer!"
Happy Customer—Katrina Brooks
"I bought one of your bundles and I still use the recipe ebooks every single week!"
Happy Customer—Sarah Nichols
"I can't tell you how happy this makes me. I love your bundles! Please keep them coming!"
Happy Customer—Diana Edlin

Bundle Release Dates

Are you wondering what bundles are coming up? Each bundle is fresh and only available for between 6-10 days each year.

September 2015 The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2015
January 2016 The Ultimate Life Development Bundle 2016
March 2015 The Ultimate Business Goals Bundle 2016
April 2016 The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2016
June 2016 The Ultimate Digital Photography Bundle 2016

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1How can I make sure not to miss any upcoming bundles?

If you’d like us to notify when we’re releasing a new bundle, let us know by entering your name and email in the form above.

2How do you choose the books for each bundle?

Since we’ve started in late 2012 we’ve distributed over 3,000,000 ebooks to people like just like you. That’s a lot of exposure, and we have authors applying up to a year in advance to participate in upcoming bundles. Because of that, we’re able to be very selective in the books and authors that we choose. We have a special team dedicated to curating the best books for you each bundle. Although the popularity of a book can be an indicator of it’s value, we also try to find special books that may not have received the attention they deserve (yet).

3I heard that you often have loads of physical bonuses with each bundle. How is that possible?

In addition to finding the best books and authors in a particular niche, we also have a team dedicated to finding great businesses that share our vision. Although we provide them with incredible exposure to millions of like-minded folks like you, we don’t charge them a single penny. Instead, we ask that they give you a “no-strings” attached offer to try out their product for free. There is usually a mix between physical products that need to be shipped and awesome software and/or membership software. You get to try out some incredible products with value FAR exceeds the cost of the bundle, and our bonus partners get their unique product in your sweet little hands. Everybody wins.

4Can I use these books on my Kindle, iPad, other tablet or eReader?

YES! Any PDF file can be transferred to your device of choice (see full instructions and tutorial videos on our full FAQ page), but we often offer the books formatted specifically for the Kindle and other eReader formats for a small additional cost. This means that you when you purchase the bundle as a full set of Kindle files (specifically formatted for eReaders) you still get the full set of PDFs (perfect for printing things like printables off of your computer).

5How long do I have to download my eBook Library?

You always have 3 full months to download your library. We’ll also email you a couple of reminders with plenty of warning before your downloads expire.

6How do I get the books onto my computer?

Within minutes of your purchase, you will receive an email with login credentials for our access website, where you can directly download your files and also begin to redeem your bonus offers. You have the choice to download the files as a large .zip file (which comes in neatly organized folders) or download them one by one. It's up to you, but either way, it's simple and painless.

7I want to get a particular bundle, but I'm not 100% sure. When will it be for sale again?

Never. These bundles are a one-time-only deal. We offer them for 6 days, and when they're done, you'll never see that particular bundle package again, so if you want it, don't wait!

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